About Us

Global Energy Facts was created with the aim of analyzing the complexity of today’s energy markets using a multidisciplinary approach capable of taking into account a variety of factors.

Looking at global price trends, markets’ regulation, energy security, geopolitics, sustainability and much more, Global Energy Facts tries to bring new perspectives in the analysis of energy trends of all over the world.

Global Energy Facts could be the starting point to create a community of experts, professionals, scholars, students and more generally anyone with a strong interest in energy-related issues, therefore constructive comments and contributions will always be very welcome.

The GEF Team:

Giulia Ardito

After a Master’s Degree in Economics she had been working for six years as a power sector analyst and consultant at REF-E. In 2018 she graduated from the IIIEE MSc in Environmental Management and Policy, and from from January 2019 she started working as a consultant for Cesi.

Silvia Prati

With a background in International Relations and previous experience in energy research and consultancy, Silvia is today an Energy Specialist at Aon and a strong passionate of energy security and geopolitics.