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November 2017

Environment & Sustainability France nuclear phase-out… backtracks on the horizon?

During the past few weeks, following the publication of RTE’s 2017 “Bilan prévisionnel”, rumours about a possible rethinking of the partial nuclear phase-out planned within 2025 spread out. RTE made a pragmatic analysis of long term possible scenarios for France’s electricity sector, with the maybe not surprising result that less nuclear generation entails higher expected CO2 emissions.

Markets & Policies Coal phase-out in Europe: Italy is here!

The 2017 Italy’s National Energy Strategy is finally online, with good news for the anti-coal lobby and the environmentalists. The political intent to proceed with a coal phase-out for electricity generation within 2025 is confirmed, and a governance plan to make it possible is set up. This plan is in line with other European countries, which in the past few years have shown a growing commitment to get rid of coal as soon as possible.

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